Here’s a start of  some games I’ve been testing:

Epic War

A Top Down shooter test using C# and Unity. Lots of fun and help from 3D Buzz.
Want to eventually make a different game based off of this one.

To play, you will need the Unity Player.

Random War

A Facebook art game I’m currently working on with Csurivision and Multivarious Games. Random War 2012

Staccato Animate Test

A game work in progress for Staccato: Reprise of the Chords. I’m transferring the files into Unity from my senior thesis project at CCAD. See my gallery page for game play work in Dark Basic. For now, the above link is Staccato playing through his animation cycles.

To play, you will need the Unity Player.

Menu Interactive Test

Just a short interactive flash test for a menu set. Functions include animation, rollover, and onRelease opens a webpage.

Image Gallery Reference

Here is a short Flash gallery I created to help go through some stock images I found for underwater creatures. Working on the concept art for a game under Mutlivarious Games and will need to be able to go through a lot of images. I also have the final image gallery for this game here: Large Scale Game

Dream Escape

Here is a short prototype puzzle game we’re working on at Multivarious Games.
Nothing too much yet but we hope to get back to this game once we have more 2D animators and the resources to patch up the Java code. You can skip a lot of the sections by clicking on the screens.

To play, you will need Adobe Flash Player.