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Explosive Updates

So... a lot to update. Very very good news! Got hired on as with a small contract position at MVG as a graphic artist! Also, just yesterday I got hired on officially at Xcelerate Media! Thanks to all who believe in me; family, teachers,  friends at pizza hell, and of course XM for giving me

Explosive Updates2011-05-03T19:54:48-04:00

Intern @ Xcelerate Media

Yeps, got the internship at Xcelerate Media! Whoo-ho! *Cheers* Thanks to all who made it possible. Friends, family, teachers, all those who supported me through thick and thin. Now I'll be working two jobs for a bit which pushes towards why I have not been able to keep up with my Sketch Tab. It'll have

Intern @ Xcelerate Media2011-02-20T16:15:03-04:00

Sketch Tab

Check out my new project I'm working on. Humm... may have too many projects but hey, this is something I wanted to do for awhile to help with my visual communication and drawing. Check it out at with the link above called "Sketch Tab" or here: http://www.wescg.net/sketch-tab/ -- W-Admin

Sketch Tab2011-01-25T07:21:44-04:00

New Year New Site

Just finished reworking the site again for the new year. A few new project in works: CCAD Pipeline Project MulitVarious Games "Daedalus" MulitVarious Games "IsoTower" con't 11 day Level Design (finally bought the tutorials) Keep in touch -Wes

New Year New Site2011-01-07T15:29:54-04:00

Game Company

Well, my team and I have finally done it! Our game company is now called Multivarious Games! IsoTower will be the first lead game we will complete for this company. Congrats to all! Check us out: http://www.multivariousgames.com/

Game Company2011-01-07T04:57:20-04:00

Get Your Game ON

So it's been awhile since I've updated and a lot has happened. I've started my ascent in applying at ACCAD so if I get everything in on time, things could be looking interesting in the future. I'm pretty psyched. Another project fell on my lap with a 3D sci-fi film called "The New Kind." See

Get Your Game ON2011-01-07T04:59:15-04:00

Up and Running

The new site is up and a bit easier to read than the previous one. Will change the colors and image formatting. Have a new link for games. Been working in Unity a bit and excited to see what games I can create with it. Would love to post Unreal Engine works there too!

Up and Running2011-01-07T04:59:37-04:00

Site Makeover

Yep, gonna be testing some new layouts for the site. If the site looks weird, I'm playing around with some of the settings. Wish me luck! -Wes

Site Makeover2011-01-07T05:00:40-04:00

Columbus Ohio Game Developer Meet Up

Got to talking some more on the Ohio Game Incubator group. Finally got a chance to mark a date on the Columbus Ohio Game Development Meetup Group. August 17th at 6:00 PM at: Tracermedia 780 King Ave. Suite 106 Columbus, OH 43212 We'll be talking about the previous IGDA chapter and the development of the

Columbus Ohio Game Developer Meet Up2011-01-07T05:01:00-04:00

Gone Siggraphin’

Going to Siggraph this year for the 26th and 27th. If you're looking for my demo reel, resume, portfolio pages, all things good; check out the links to the right under Pages.

Gone Siggraphin’2011-01-07T05:01:19-04:00