So it’s been awhile since I’ve updated and a lot has happened.

I’ve started my ascent in applying at ACCAD so if I get everything in on time, things could be looking interesting in the future. I’m pretty psyched.

Another project fell on my lap with a 3D sci-fi film called “The New Kind.” See them on Facebook or see the Director Peter Hyoguchi’s interview. A lot artists working on one 10 minute promo. Very exciting work!

One of my most exciting tidbits of news is I’m finally working on a game here in Ohio. Branching off the Ohio Game Incubator, a small team and I decided to fully flesh out a beta game. Still in a lot of brainstorming on the concept and game mechanics but it should be a promising project. Here’s some early beta game play on the lead  game engine programmer Todd Barchok’s blog . Oh ya, and the game is called IsoTower. Will keep you up to date on the developmental findings. Hush hush for now.

P.S. If you have some games, hit me up! I’d love to hear what the game developer community’s got to offer.