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The world revolves around dreams and imagination. I love that idea and much of my passion comes from interactive games and beautiful environments. With my recent graduation from the Columbus College of Art and Design in Animation, I plan to utilize what I know in art to help open the world of creativity for others.

As a proud Flash developer at Xcelerate Media and member of the gaming community in Ohio through the Ohio Game Incubator, COGG, and the company Multivarious Games; my goal is to help all kinds of interactive developers. In time, I’ll gain the knowledge to expand my career to larger interactive design opportunities.

Most of all, I plan to have fun with the job I do and help open the world to a larger level of imagination!

Wesley A. Adams
Animation Major

Current resume:

Wesley’s Resume

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  1. Debbie says:

    Hello, Wes!

    During this module I will begin designing my very own website. Soooo, I am just in here doing a little snooping around. The games you have created look like they would be fun to play. You will have to come visit my site—if you dare. :) I will be back to look some more. Who knows, maybe I will be adventurous and download the free game and give it a try. Just glad you will not be able to watch me play. I can feel the frustration building already! LOL

    Love ya!